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These pins can be a great way to mark specific locations on your map. You can find plastic pins or map tacks at various office supply stores, craft stores, or online retailers. These pins typically come in various colors, allowing you to differentiate between different types of locations or points of interest on your map.
Here's how you can use plastic pins on a 3D wooden map:
  • Choose Your Pins: Select plastic pins that are the right size and color for your needs. Some plastic pins have a transparent or translucent head, which can give a neat look when placed on a 3D wooden map.
  • Mark Locations: Decide which locations on your 3D wooden map you want to mark. These could be cities, landmarks, or any other points of interest.
  • Insert the Pins: Carefully insert the plastic pins into the wooden map at the desired locations. Be gentle to avoid damaging the wood.
  • Yellow Place Pin: A yellow place pin is a common type of map pin used to mark a specific location on a map. It is often used to indicate a point of interest, a destination, or a place of importance. The yellow color is easily visible on most maps.
  • Red Target Pin: A red target pin is another type of map pin, usually shaped like a target or crosshair. It is often used to mark a specific target or a precise location on a map. The red color can draw attention to the marked spot.
  • Green Check Pin: A green check pin is typically used to indicate a completed task or a successful achievement. It's commonly used in map legends or on checklist-style maps to show that a particular location or task has been checked off or accomplished
Using plastic pins on a 3D wooden map is a great way to make it interactive and informative. It's a fun and practical way to highlight important places on your map.

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